We meet on the first Thursday of every month in a large private dinning room at Penn's Restaurant, located right off of the I-20 Exit 88, at 1550 Highway 35, South Forest, MS 39074.

Guests are always welcome to attend to learn more about Amateur Radio and have all of their questions answered.


Uniquely Interesting and Educational:

In 2020 we adopted a unique structure for our monthly meetings, one which makes them much more interesting and educational for both new Hams and old Hams alike. Its also a great format for persons who don't have an Amateur Radio license yet, but are interested in getting into the hobby. In addition to eating a meal together, having interesting program presentations, and offering VE Exams, we added a Q & A session during which anyone can ask any questions they have about any aspect of amateur radio and have them answered, we also added a Show & Tell session for folks who want to show off their latest amateur radio gear, or who want to share with the group what new amateur radio activities they've been up to lately. So whether you like asking questions, giving answers, showing and sharing, or just quietly listening, we've got you covered during our club meetings.

Monthly Schedule:

6:00 pm: Dinner and Fellowship (folks who arrive later can still order food and even eat during the meeting)

6:15 pm: Club Business Meeting: We keep this very brief, just a report on what we did the previous month, discussion on what we'd like to do in future months, and how much money we have in the bank to play with.)

6:30 pm: Q & A Elmering Session: Everything you've always wanted to know but were afraid to ask. This is the time when you can have all of your amateur radio questions answered, often by more than one person. No question is considered too dumb or too smart, so ask away!

6:45 pm: Show & Tell Session: If you have a new radio, antenna analyzer, or some other radio related gadget or tool, be it home brew or store bought, this is the time to show it off to the group. If you don't have anything to show, but want to tell the group about one or more amateur radio activities you've been up to lately, feel free to do so during this time slot.

7:00 pm: Feature Program: Each month we have someone give a presentation, demonstration, or hands-on workshop on a unique area of Amateur Radio.

7:45 pm: VE Exam Session: Our VE Team will resume offering Tech, General, and Extra class exams in June 2022


April 7

QRP Operation:

Presentation: A unique introduction to operating on low power.

Presented by: Eugene Wallace, N5CMA

June 2


Presentation: An introduction to using the free NBEMS software, a computer, and an Amateur Radio to send and receive text, forms, and images from computer to computer via Amateur Radio. How to use any computer to participate in the Central ARES Mississippi Digital Radio Net on Mondays.
Presented by: Rez Johnson, K1REZ

Live Demonstration: How to set up an adhock digital amateur radio station with just an HT and a laptop (or tablet) and operate from anywhere indoors or out. Text, forms, and images will be transmitted between a stationary radio (desktop computer and mobile rig) in the presentation room and a portable station (HT and laptop) in a parking lot several miles away.

Demonstrated by: Rez Johnson, K1REZ and Vernon Lowery, KI5HGX

July 7

ARRL Technical Specialists and How They Help Hams:

Presentation: An introduction to the ARRL volunteer position of Technical Specialist, a discussion on current technical issues facing Mississippi amateur radio operators, and a Technical Question & Answer Session.

Presented by: Keith Hylton, N5KAH, ARRL Technical Specialist

Aug 4

Morse Code for Amateur Radio:

Presentation and Demonstration: The History of Morse Code and its use in Amateur Radio

Presented by: Mike Duke, K5XU, (An Extra Class with over 50 years of Morse Code Experience)

Sept. 1

Emergency Back Up Power for Amateur Radio (All About Solar & Batteries):

Presentation and Demonstration: Everything you need to know about using Solar Panels and Batteries to run your amateur radio station during a power failure.

Presented by: Steve Powell, KF5QXU

Oct 6

SKYWARN Storm Spotter Certification Course (Basic & Advanced Certification)

Certification Course: This course is required every two years for certification to participate in the National Weather Service’s SKYWARN program as a Basic Storm Spotter and Advanced Storm Spotter.

Instructor: Thomas Winesett, Meteorologist, National Weather Service Forecast Office, Jackson




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